The Holy Waters of Tirta Empul

It’s been a while since my last post. . .   Unfortunately, this is due to nothing fun.  In between getting sick, again, and trying to import our dogs, I have not had time, or honestly been in the right head space, to post anything.   So apologies for the delay and now on to, or should I say back to, Bali and the holy waters of Tirta Empul!

Local legend tells a tale of  the god Indra shooting an arrow into the earth during a battle against evil, creating a fountain of immortality for his troops.  Thus Pura Tirta Empul  is the sacred spring which is believed to possess curative properties and is known for its rituals of purification.  On any given day you will see local people bathing in the natural spring waters and filling jugs to be taken back home with them.  Visitors may also bath in the springs waters but keep in mind a sarong is still mandatory while bathing.

When leaving Tirta Empul you will be ushered through a maze of vendors pushing their merchandise at you.  It is highly annoying to try and find your way out of this mess, and I am sure the locals do not exit the same way, so be prepared as it kinda puts a damper on the peaceful vibe that you just left the temple with.

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