Walking Through the Gardens

Yeah, yeah I know.  Gardens.  But really, I was surprised too!

One of Singapore’s star attractions is in fact their Botanic Garden. Not really knowing what to expect, and only working from my own frame of reference – that reference being ridiculously manicured and artificial looking “botanic gardens” that I have previously visited. I less than enthusiastically ventured into what I was sure would be another “artists vision” of what nature should look like when forced to grow in climates and plots created and dictated by man.

I couldn’t have been more surprised, and in the best way possible. Yes, it is a garden. And yes, obviously it is maintained and manicured, has pathways and restrooms, and even a restaurant or three. But it really is amazing. It’s like a tropical Central Park, but better. It’s like walking through your own tiny jungle -not that this place is tiny, it’s actually fairly huge and really is quite amazing.

Click on the image to view the garden

Click on the image to view the garden

* When visiting the garden, I would recommend entering from the corner of Holland Rd. and Cluny Rd.   You can reach the gardens from the MRT station via the Circle Line, but personally, I find this side to be the best.

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