All Who Wander…

Are sometimes lost….

Like, for example, when you are eating brunch in a new place …

The Pawn Restaurant

A brunch that just happens to be so good that upon leaving you completely forget that you’ve left your map on the table, only to realize this once you’ve vacated the premises and find yourself on the streets of Hong Kong with no idea of where you are!

Oh, and of course … no cell service…

So it was, that we found ourselves wandering around the streets of HK when we happened upon this place:

Oldest Post Office in Hong Kong

Old Wan Chai Post Office

Post Office 2

From here we walked until we came across this blue building:Blue buildingAnd followed the road it sits on, until it dead-ended in this stone archway:

Stone Archway

Which, just so happens to sit directly to the right of this amazing little temple:

Click on the image to view Pak Tai Temple Gallery

Click on the image to view Pak Tai Temple

Which only goes to show that getting lost is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when aimless wanderings lead to the discovery of some pretty cool places!

I suppose, in hindsight, I could have just stopped somewhere and bought another map, but hey where’s the fun in that!

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